A DNS Redundancy

Hey guys in this article we would be discussing DNS Redundancy. Very easy no worries let’s get started…

What is a DNS Redundancy?

According to my research on DNS redundancy, So first of all let’s get started with DNS

DNS is such a critical thing for every marketer whenever the DNS service gets down by Dos attack, website, application, and attacked by malicious or spammy links or some technical issues.

This causes very disappointment to the marketer or for the owner of the blog or the website because it takes down all the data available on it, including the whole traffic and revenues.

DNS Redundancy

To be safe from this dangerous and harming situation, we should use A DNS Redundancy. A DNS Redundancy is an extra layer of DNS that makes our website safe from getting, and it gives us a great chance to back up our data.

We can call DNS Redundancy as a second and a secure layer of DNS service for our website. Whenever due to some reasons a primary DNS gets down, then your secondary DNS service means to say DNS Redundancy will provide DNS service for your website.

How to prevent getting the primary DNS down?

So, as we know and we want that it would be better than our primary server never get down, so for this purpose, we have to use a high-level DNS service provider that provides the best. The DNS service provider I use Name Cheap.

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