In this article, we would try to guide you on how to stop Avast browser from opening on startup. As we know that Avast Browser is owned by a well-Known Antivirus company that is “Avast”. According to them there the main focus of the Avast browser is to provide privacy and internet security.

This Avast Browser is available in Microsoft, Mac OS, and as well on Android. Some of the users started to complain that they are facing the issue of Avast browser opening at startup. So, all this article would be related to how to stop Avast browser from opening on startup.

Why Avast browser is opening at startup?

So many people don’t know that they have installed Avast browser and other products of Avast like Avast Antivirus, and there VPN. When People are just installing then they unintentionally allows Avast to become there default browser and always open at the startup. Actually people/users don’t really wanna do that, the thing is that Avast is actually forcing their users to do so by saying the users to click on install automatically and then it becomes the default browser and always open at startup.

Steps stop Avast from opening on startup!

So here are some step to get rid from the opening of Avast browser at startup.

  1. Open Taskbar manually or just by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  2. Steer towards Startup tab
  3. Find Avast browser from the list, Right click on it and then Disable.

And by following all these steps you would definitely get rid of the opening of Avast Browser on startup.

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