Hey reader now you are reading the best Tasker app guide. So I will try to guide you all related to the best Tasker app guide. So lets Start

The best Tasker App guide (Beings)

This is the best Tasker app guide because I have explained everything to you

First step

Guys the first step is to download the app the link of the Tasker app is given over here you can just click on it to go to the web and download the Tasker app

Link==> Click here

Download from here

Second step

So the second step is to allow all the permission it is asking and also allow all the permissions from Accessibility then this app will work otherwise maybe this Tasker app will not work on your device so must allow all the permissions from the settings also.

Third step

The third step is to open the app and start assigning task on your device like I have also made a video on this topic you can also watch the video related to Tasker App. So for you I am going to embed the video under this guide.

How Tasker App is in my point of view

So in my point of view Tasker is the great app I have ever seen to automate our mobile phones, with the help of this app you phone can do anything as you says or you take your phone as a servant. Hope this small guide helped you. For more clarification You can watch this video embedded down here

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