TikTok got Unbanned in Pakistan

Yes, the famous Chinese app Tiktok is recently unbanned in Pakistan. As we know Tiktok app previously was banned in Pakistan on 9 October 2020. It was Banned only because of the Immoral and indecent content on it.

PTA’s Tweet related to the unbanning of the TikTok app

As told above that TikTok got Unbanned in Pakistan. So, PTA ( Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ) has tweeted related to the unbanning of the TikTok app. Here you can read PTA’s tweet

As PTA says that the famous Video sharing platform TikTok is no completely unlocked in Pakistan. The meeting was held between PTA and Tiktok spokeman and then both have decided to unban Tiktok app.

PTA also mentioned that ” TikTok will moderate the account in accordance with local laws. “

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TikTok spokesman related to Immoral content.

TikTok spokesman also said that we are now going to filter our and removing the immoral and indecent content available on TikTok. They also said that we are waiting for a good dialogue from the side of PTA.


So the conclusion is that the Tiktok app is finally unbanned in Pakistan which was banned before 10 days (9th October 2020). In my point of view unbanning of the TikTok is a great decision from PTA for everyone. As PTA said that the content should be filtered out and removed that’s all.