Anybody in the business world who wants to make connections and find leads needs an email finder tool. It’s easy to use and practical beyond expectations.

With an email finder tool you can find email addresses for any domain you search for. This way you gain leads quickly and with the least amount of effort. You also save a whole lot of time.

Time that you can use to raise your business to even higher professional grounds. Also, time that you can use to actually reach out to prospects with fantastic email marketing campaigns.

However, there are many email finder tools online. Which one to choose? We’re here to tell you why is so great and why you should make it your favorite email finder tool.

1.      Quick domain search

With’s domain search bar you get instant access to tens of emails for each domain – depending on how many the webmaster has chosen to make visible on their website. You don’t waste time and effort looking for all the emails yourself but get to use a quick and practical tool that does all the work for you.

2.      Real time email Hunter doesn’t use old databases to give you email findings. Instead, it searches the web in real time and provides valid email addresses with which you can’t go wrong. This way you know for sure that the emails you send are sent to real people and real email addresses.

3.      Email verifier

The tool also has the option to verify email addresses you already have or have found using the tool. With the email verifier option you get to check the email  finder actually exists and belongs to the person you want to reach out to. No time wasted on false email addresses that belong to no one or to the wrong person.

4.      Bulk findings

With the bulk finding option, you get to search for multiple domains at the same time. You gain valuable time and uncover tens of emails with one quick search. The bulk option is valuable for pro and business users. The Pro version of comes at a staggeringly low price of 8,33 USD/month. That’s a bargain if I ever saw one!

5.      Favorite emails

It’s easy to create email lists by favoring the emails you find. This way you get to save all the emails you want to use and create distinct email marketing campaigns for each list. Don’t send the same email to the same people. Instead, create intricate and converting emails that you send to certain professionals only with the favorite emails option.

6.      Copy to clipboard

With the copy to clipboard option, you get to have a great user experience on You simply copy to clipboard the email then paste it in your email marketing tool or in your professional email’s send box. This makes it easy for anyone to send out emails and is one of the reasons why you should make your favorite Domain email finder tool.

7.      Export to a CSV file

Exporting your email findings into a CSV has never been easier than it is with After using the single domain search bar or the bulk email finder option you can export all your email findings into one CSV file to use at a later date. This way you save all the emails you find and have them ready on your devices for when you want to start emailing professionals.

8.      Supporting multiple languages is a great tool to use even for international domains. You can search for domains anywhere in the world from Japan, Russia, or South America. The tool gives you the right emails for any international domain you search.

9.      Chrome and Firefox extensions also has the option to install a Chrome extension or a Firefox addon. This way you don’t need to enter the tool and type in the domain or domains you need emails for. Instead, simply visit the website of your choice and collect emails instantly with the extension or addon.

If we have you convinced, sign up to for free today!