Yes the famous Chinese app TikTok is banned in Pakistan because of immoral and indecent content on Tiktok

PTA Tweet related to TikTok ban in Pakistan

Here you can read PTA tweet

So, as told above in the PTA tweet that the famous Chinese app is Banned in Pakistan because of the Immoral and Indecent content on this famous video sharing platform where people comes to entertain themselves.

Why TikTok is banned in Pakistan

So guys TikTok app is just banned due to some bad people uploading vulguar, Immoral and Indecent content on TikTok. It became very difficult for everyone to use TikTok with our family. So, finally PTA decided to Ban this platform (TikTok).

My point of view related to Why TikTok is banned in Pakistan.

Why TikTok is banned in Pakistan??

Some famous TikToker thinks that TikTok should not be banned because banning something is not the solution. The good TikTokers who make some good stuff in their video should continue their great work but those who are uploading bad, immoral, and indecent content that cannot be watched with our families should be banned from TikTok.

We are not supposed to ban a whole platform its wrong because some of the good creators are working hard to entertain us on this platform Tiktok.

What should we do?

We have to ban those creator rather we should say those daffers who are spreading an indecent, immoral and bad content everywhere this is the solution. The solution is not to ban the whole app!!

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