Opera VPN not working complaints are voiced by some users from time to time. Unlike other major browsers, Opera offers a VPN service as standard. We explained what you can do if Opera’s own VPN does not work and how to fix Opera VPN not working.

What is a VPN?

Nowadays, more and more platforms are using geoblocking to prevent internet users from certain countries from accessing various services for various reasons. This situation mostly stems from legal regulations. VPNs, on the other hand, transfer your traffic by encrypting it and routing an intermediary through a server. VPN not only increases your online security, but also allows you to bypass regional restrictions and receive services abroad that you could not access before. In any case, when you are unable to use a VPN, it is difficult to understand whether the problem is due to VPN or another reason. In general, we have reviewed the most prominent topics related to Opera VPN.

Although Opera claims to be a VPN, it actually provides its users with a free proxy as standard. Opera’s standalone VPN service was discontinued in early 2018. Proxy servers are weaker alternatives to VPNs, as they often have lower speeds, less secure encryption, and inadequate features. However, Opera VPN can be useful in some situations. That’s why we’ve covered the most common cases with Opera VPN issues for hotstar proxy site.

Opera VPN not working complaints: Possible problems and solutions

Opera’s VPN is a basic service that works with just a few simple settings. For this, you can open the browser and select the continent you want to connect to, and you can start using it without regional restrictions and censorship.

There are two possible problems you may encounter with Opera VPN. These problems are as follows.

Problems connecting and staying connected to VPN

This problem is among the common problems in web platforms that have access restriction by geoblocking from abroad.

Fix connection problems with Opera VPN

Diagnosing a VPN’s connection problems is not an easy task. Especially if it doesn’t provide you with live customer support… Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to fix the Opera VPN connection problem.

Restart the VPN

With many VPN services, the fastest and easiest way to fix the problem is to cancel the connection attempt and restart the browser. You can also do this by pressing the VPN button in Opera’s address bar. Double click the toggle button on the top and you will be disconnected from the VPN and connected again.

Try different server location

Many VPNs are made up of servers spread across different countries. You can usually choose to use a server in a particular country, but Opera VPN works a little differently. The service allows a user to choose between a server in Europe, Asia and America only.

In Opera VPN not working complaint, the first step to fix the problem is to uninstall the server you are using. Sometimes VPN servers may go offline for maintenance, or the software you use may not update the server list automatically. This causes the connection problem to occur. Opera has multiple servers in each region. Therefore, if every server on a continent is not maintained at the same time, the source of the problem is different.

In case of server errors, the connection timeout can also occur. This is because the server you want to use is under a heavy load. For example, having too many online users, usually in the evening, can put a strain on the server. Another reason could be that you are trying to use a server too far from your physical location. In theory, the further away you want to use a server from you, the slower your speed will be. Therefore, based on your location, for example if you use Opera VPNs from Turkey, you should choose Europe instead of America server will make more sense. If that’s the problem, you can try again to connect to a different server and fix the problem.

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Check your browser version

If you are unable to connect to one of the VPN servers, you can check if the latest version of Opera is installed. While this is a step many users overlook, it is sometimes the source of the problem. If you are using the most current version of Opera, you can try turning off the browser extensions you have installed. To do this, click on the Opera icon in the upper left corner of the screen, hover over Extensions and click on the Extensions list.